Call for Cooperation: The Mystique of Luxury Brands Conference

The two-day conference explores contemporary issues and innovative research in the area of luxury branding management. Bringing together over 100 industry and academic presenters specializing in the area of luxury branding, the conference aims to bridge the link between industry and academia. This conference serves as a platform for sharing research ideas, findings and insights within the luxury branding area.

Venue: The Majesty Plaza in Shanghai, China

Date: 12 - 13 May 2016


  • Curtin Business School: Ian Phau & Richard Francis
  • EMLYON Business School: Michel Phan & Klaus Heine


Friday, 22 Jan 2016

The Mystique Luxury Brand Conference


Academic Conference Participants

Dr. Luke Butcher
Curtin University
Australia / Perth
Prof. Wynn Duelund
Congo / Bird
Siobhan Hatton-Jones
Curtin University
Australia / Perth
Dr. Klaus Heine
EMLYON Business School
China / Shanghai
Dr. Sabine Ichikawa
EM Lyon in Shanghai
China / Shanghai
Prof. Dr. Dr. Goodman Lacroix
Suriname / Hahn
Sean Lee
Curtin University
Australia / Perth
Dr. Thomas Lee
Curtin University
Australia / Perth
Dr. Michael Lwin
Curtin University
Australia / Perth
Monia Massarini
University of Udine
Italy / Udine
Dr. Michel Phan
EMLYON Business School
China / Shanghai
Prof. Ian Phau
Curtin University
Australia / Perth
Dr. Vanessa Quintal
Curtin University
Australia / Perth
Anwar Sadat Shimul
Curtin University
Australia / Perth
Abhi Sood
Curtin University
Australia / Perth
Dr. Billy Sung
Curtin University
Australia / Perth
Elaine Sutrisna
Curtin University
Australia / Perth
Brian t Hart
Curtin University
Australia / Australia
Dr. Min Teah
Curtin University
Australia / Perth
Weiwei Zhang
Curtin university LBRC
Australia / Perth


10 Aug

Luxury is about delivering symbolic and experiential value.

06 Jun

Dear Colleagues, below I am sending you a call for papers for the Luxury Research Journal.

25 Jul

Workshop "The Making of a High-end Brand" on top of the Diwang Tower with about 40 entrepreneurs from Shenzhen interested in de

22 Jul

I run a track chair on "Luxury Brand-building" and gave a presentation introducing "

12 Jul

Surprisingly, at least for a luxury brand, Gaggenau is very successful in the Chinese b2b market.

24 Jun

Giving a course about "Luxury Brand-building" at the Sogang International MBA Global Summer School 2016 in Seoul.

02 Jun

Guest lecture about "The Development of Luxury Brand Idenitity" at the

28 May

Managing a luxury brand in China - a project about the launch of a top-end perfume into the Chinese market.

21 May

Downturn, what downturn?

20 May

Heine, K., Phan, M. & Atwal, G. (2016) Authenticity and Prestige: What Luxury Brands could learn from the wine industry?

12 May

Conference co-organization: The two-day conference explored contemporary issues and innovative research in the area of luxury b

03 May

A project on luxury HR marketing: How to attract the right talents to the right brands?

28 Apr

Developing a digital brand communication strategy for the Chinese market.

26 Apr

Kicked off at Richmont's famous Kee Club in Shanghai, the project aims at studying in-depth the multi-brand POS & luxury watch retail landscap

24 Apr

A new EMLYON cooperation project: How to further improve the retail performance of PRL in Shanghai?

14 Mar

G.P. Grant is a manufacturer of high-end smoking accessories headquartered in Switzerland.

03 Mar

This is a call for conceptual and empirical contributions for my track chair on "Luxury Brand-Building" at the Global Marketing

12 Feb

Art for the Ear, here it were it comes from - you can feel their passion for their audio systems and speakers!

11 Feb

Gobi Cashmere is a high-end brand from Mongolia with much ambition to develop their brand in Western markets.

22 Jan

The two-day conference explores contemporary issues and innovative research in the area of luxury branding management.

09 Dec

Surprise, surprise, there exist already a number of Chinese luxury brands.

03 Nov

Final presentation of the EMLYON & Jiao Tong university student team at the Gaggenau showroom in Shanghai to the Gaggenau C

18 Oct

Visitng the "annual Concours d’Elegance dedicated to the Chinese and Asian automobile enthusiasts and classic car community." The highlight was th

30 Sep

The Journal of Brand Management presents this call for papers for a special issue on "Luxury Brand-Building and Development: Ne

29 Sep

Kick-off meeting at Jiao Tong Luxury Research Center.

23 Sep

Kick-off meeting with Mr. Mi Changhong, the founder & CEO of Longio.

16 Sep

Meeting at the Montblanc headquarters in Shanghai.

09 Sep

Market and trend research and lot's of creativity for three months to come...!

30 Aug

The new ranking "Top 50 German Luxury Brands" is out.

25 Jun

Track chair on Luxury Trends and Strategies

23 Jun

Discussing future opportunities in the Chinese high-end market.

28 May

The CEIBS 7th Prestige Brands Forum 2015.

22 May

The Handmade  in Germany Tour in Shanghai.

17 May

The Change of Luxury: New Challenges and Opportunities for Market Research and Marketing in the Luxury Food Industry.

02 May

During my course "Luxury Brand Management" (as part of the EMLYON Luxury Management & Marketing Master program), student te

28 Apr

Kick-off meeting at MPH in Shanghai.

26 Mar

Two-day training program with the team and their agency.

23 Jan

Heine, K., and Petersen, F.E. (2015) Marketing Lessons Luxury Wine Brands Teach us About Authenticity and Prestige.

22 Dec

Klaus Heine and Michel Gutsatz (2014) Luxury Brand Building in China: Eight Case Studies and Eight Lessons Learned.

03 Oct

You are cordially invited to submit papers for our conference track "New Luxury vs. Old Luxury: Luxury Trends and Strategies".

25 Sep

A new book about Wine Business Management edited by Steve Charters & Jérôme Gallo and published by Pearson.

25 Sep

LRJ is a new cross-disciplinary, peer-reviewed international journal that publishes high-quality conceptual and empirical articles (using quantita

16 Jul

2014 Global Marketing Conference at Singapore “Bridging Asia and the World: Globalization of Marketing & Management Theory and Practice”

01 Mar

Sonntag, Mediengruppe Madsack (2014) Man Gönnt Sich Ja Sonst Alles.

27 Apr

Vera Waldschmidt and Klaus Heine contributed several articles to the Meisterkreis China Compendium.