The Mystique Luxury Brand Conference


The two-day conference explores contemporary issues and innovative research in the area of luxury branding management. Bringing together over 100 industry and academic presenters specializing in the area of luxury branding, the conference aims to bridge the link between industry and academia. This conference serves as a platform for sharing research ideas, findings and insights within the luxury branding area.


Ni Hao! Although it is not on the radar of most experts and consumers yet, the luxury industry is very entrepreneurial in China, where a variety of Western and Chinese market players are already setting up China-specific luxury brands, such as NE Tiger, Shang Xia and Shanghai Vive.

Academic High-end Experts China

Dr. Michel Phan
EMLYON Business School
Prof. Dr. Sajal Kabiraj
Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, Dalian, China
Dr. Klaus Heine
EMLYON Business School

High-end Industry Experts China

Dr. Daniel Mohr
Dr. Sabine Ichikawa
EM Lyon in Shanghai
Andreas Grimberg
Ifa Paris, Shanghai
Khaled Bouharrour